Tree Surgery and Arboricultural Services for clients in Angus,Dundee,Perth,Fife, Aberdeen and Aberdenshire.


Elvis Service Company specialises in tree care. From felling to planting, our fully experienced and qualiied staff is here to help. Both respect for the environment and safety are our main objectives evry time we carry out the works. We work to strict guidlines and polciies and always make sure that the project is carried out in the greatest manner.


Commercial and Domestic Tree Services


Elvis Service Company always try to find the best solution for the tree removal. First, we provide customer with a quote, whilist doing an estimate we discuss options  with customers on the site, giving our best, honest advise.  Before starting the project, we always conduct full risk assesment. It is extremely essential to ensure there is zero risk of damage to people and properties. Everything from tree position, shape, size, character, condition and species is taking into account. The surrounding has to be thouroghly checked and assessed, all the wires, cables, nearby structures etc. We do fully work with BS3998 guidlines. 



Tree Felling


Elvis Service Company offers a full felling service to remove trees of any size and shape. We can only carry out the tree felling provided the trees can be removed by the single units and the risk of damage to people as well as properties is very low. Why not call us today to get some proffesional advice from our fully qualified staff?


Stump Grinding


At Elvis Service Company we do provide proffesional advise on the whole process of stump grinding and the depth of clearence of it. All of the tree stump can be removed including the roots. Our professional tools help us on the daily basis to finish the project to the highest standard and leaving our customers satisfied with the service porovided. Our tree surgery services are some of the most common services that we offer. The garden is often one of the first things that visitors see, and this is why tree surgery is so important. At Elvis Service Company, we offer these services, and much more. We do offer professional tree surgery services in Montrose, Angus, Dundee, Perth, Aberdeen. Get in touch with us to see what we’re able to do for you.

Tree Services

  • Bushes Removal

  • Conifer cutting

  • Over hanging of branch removal

  • Tree Surgery

  • Tree Felling

  • Crown Reduction

  • Crown Thinning

  • Felling

  • Stump and Root Removal

  • Hedge Trimming

  • Prunning

Minimal Waste

It is always our intention to leave as little waste as possible. To do this, we ensure that as much as possible is recycled, and we’re even able to do that on-site. If you have trees that are being removed, we’re able to chop them into firewood for you to use again. This reduces waste and ensures that the environment is protected. We do provide our professional woodchipping machines for the most efficient service You require. 

Gardening services


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