Effective Industrial High Pressure Washing Services providing a service for Angus, Dundee,Fife, Perth, Aberdeen and area.

Elvis Service Company' s high pressure washing system can easily transform a  factory, school, hotel, shop and other industrial building in just a day. The specialist commercial high pressure washing service we provide effectively remove stubborn stains from side of the walls, floors, pipelines, fascades, skips, agricultural machinery and other industrial building and equipment.


Importantly, our trailer based unit high pressure washers we do use are fully mobile and can be used in places without electricty and water supply.  Simply, You can go out, relax and leave us to do the job. Coming back to see the results we gurantee You will be fully satisfied and impressed!


Elvis Service Company provides a wide range of pipe, tank coatings and a extensive range of commercial power washing solutions. Our staff is fully qaulified and continuesly undergo specific trainings when it comes to industrial high pressure washing in order to provide customer with the excellent service to the highest standards. The pressure washers we use utilise the power of high water pressure in order to remove various stubborn stains, marks and even graffiti from every surface. Additionally, all the high pressure washing products we do use fto achieve the best results are all environmentally freindly and safe to use.


Elvis Service Company High Pressure Washing Services will not disappoint You!

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Industrial High Pressure Washing


Our Industrial High Pressure Washing Equipment have the facilities to be used on a wide variety of applications and surfaces required and the vest majority of our clients have used our services to get rid of graffiti, chewing gum and many other stubborn stains, marks that soft cleaning will not be able to get rid of. Commercial High Pressure Washing ensures that Your property, school, factory, hotel, house and any other outbuilding looks at its best and removes stubborn dirt and grime. It is ideal solution when You are lookig for having Your tank, pipe, house, factory painted or factory, shed, warehouse, hotel etc refurbished.



Outstanding Efficiency


All the Industrial High Pressure Washing, Coating, Painting, Shot Blasting Services that we do offer are completed to the highest standards by our professional team and extremely efficient. Our staff always make sure to leave Your property spotless. 


Elvis Service Company Experts in Commercial and Industrial High Pressure Washing Solutions


The usage of our Industrial High pressure Washing Products reassures us that the property, factory, hotel, site office etc we are working on will be completed to the highest standards and with the best results and the dirt and stains washed away easily. 


Elvis Service Company always make sure Your house, shed, factory looks as brand new after using our High Pressure Washing equipment.


Our team makes sure that all stains and marks are quickly, effortlessly and professionally removed. Our High Pressure removes any stubborn dirt and grime from Your property. The fact that our mashines are trailer based units, mobile versions enable us to use the machines without disruption of Your day, we do not need any access neither to electricity or water supply. 


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High Pressure Washing Services

  • Cabins

  • Industrial Garages

  • Industrial Outbuildings

  • Industrial Roofs

  • Shop Fronts

  • Big Factories

  • Tractor Cleaning

  • Containers

  • Site Offices

  • Tractors

  • Garden Machinery

  • Farm Machinery

Jet Washing

As a company we are specialists in high pressure cleaning. To do this we utilise the latest jet washing technology to clean your roof, garden furniture, shop fronts, and more. We’re proud of the quality of workmanship that we provide, and of the reputation of our reliable and friendly company. This jet washing gives your home a clean slate, and allows it to be given a new lease of life. Our painting and roofing services are able to help with that. We’re also able to provide our jet washing services to your vehicles.

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